Friends! Trolls! TF6 Radio Happy Radio Day to everyone! Congratulations on Radio Day and I wish you to always be on a positive wave, catch the notes of a good mood, listen to good songs and hear great news. Let the radio help at work, in business, in creativity, at home and in your free time, let your favorite broadcast bring optimism and fun.

When realization comes to you... Your circle of friends will decrease. You will begin to notice that the usual conversations with friends and acquaintances somehow do not stick. It seems that everything is as it was, but for some reason it is less interesting. Because you will no longer be able to keep up the conversation that everything is bad and everyone around is bad, work is not inspiring and business is not […]

Ladies, Gentlemen, Trolls, Fairies, Elves invited to us! And all the inhabitants of the Fairy Tale Reality! TF6 Radio Wants to give you! TF6 Radio's Best Mix of 2021! Assembly - Progressive House / Key - Frost! From the Musical Travel Architect! Automaticrobotmixer (Konstantin Orlov) / Russia / Lukomorye. Congratulations to all of you! Happy New Year 2022! Enjoy parties with [...]

Cosmologic is the second album by the NDNL artist. This album consists of my life experience and conscious thoughts about what surrounds us. He describes the path along which spiritual evolution goes along with the Universe. Everything is connected and here is my musical expression. It is often difficult to find the right words to describe things that are still beyond human comprehension. Such […]

Troll Family Roman MelmonT - Without Looking Back (CCCP Crew Mix Deep House Vol 4) Wisdom must be sharpened Troll. As long as we are in the dark, nothing is asked of us, but as soon as we know something, we are responsible for how we use our knowledge. Let it be given to us as a gift, but we are responsible for each [...]

Well, friends! So autumn has come, in 8 days our first anniversary will be - exactly one year since we went on the air. We are opening vacancies for the hosts of our morning, afternoon, evening and night shows. Three main requirements: 1. Good taste in music. 2. Large collection of audio library. 3. Healthy lifestyle. We are looking for both men (guys), [...]

A controversial interview with Jeff Mills, which will not appeal to everyone On June 2, at the AVA Festival in Belfast, the public debut of a new live project by techno legend Jeff Mills and lighting designer Guillaume Marmen called Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind took place. The Vinyl Factory columnist Oli Warwick managed to intercept Mills in Paris for a frank conversation over a cup of coffee. The interview turned out to be provocative and unforgiving. […]

Friends! Musicians, DJs, Singers, Jazz performers! Don't waste your time sitting at home! Share your creativity, musical mood, Mixes, Tracks, Podcasts, Home or Studio live performances from the comfort of your home. And, it doesn't matter - where on the Planet you are! TF6 Radio gives you that opportunity. Don't give [...]

We invite real music lovers to become DJs TF6 Radio More details can be found here

Last year, our neighbor, who holds a rather fat position, quit her job, handed over her beautiful three-room apartment to a successful young family and went to live in a dacha. Forever and ever. She still had 15-20 years before her retirement. The surrounding people were perplexed and twisted their fingers at their temples. Quit such a job? Such an apartment? Exchange everything for a wooden hut with lilacs under the window and a view [...]

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