We invite you to cooperation

Troll Family invites real music lovers to become the leading DJs of their Author's show on TF6 Radio Station.

We push the boundaries and invite to our friendly family people who are not indifferent to real music - deep, multidimensional, sinking into the soul.

Who are we looking for
All those who live by music - regardless of genre and direction - feel and understand it. Who wants to share their musical state with others, building a dialogue with listeners through compositions.
One and the same music through the prism of different generations, ideas about the world can be transmitted and perceived in different ways. That is why we do not set age, language and other requirements. One thing is important to us: the depth of your musical perception.
And if you feel that we are on the way - welcome!

Why is it needed
Troll Family means "give a drink to the family." We create a single space for music lovers who cannot imagine themselves without music. Out of time and geography.
The family is people of all ages and nationalities, beliefs and preferences, united by spiritual thinking. When we listen to music, feel it and understand it, completely and completely immersed in it, we feel kinship. And therefore they are not limited by genres, time periods and style of performance.
Uniting like-minded people through music is our goal.

What awaits you
Internet broadcasting without reference to a specific place: you can go on the air, start tracks and have a conversation from anywhere with a stable Internet (for example, at home, in a cafe, club, and even traveling)
Free broadcast network: Troll Family is broadcast all over the world, is not limited by territorial and language barriers, so our staff can even be 1000 DJs, and everyone will be given a comfortable time and place
Work through gadgets for mobile devices and PCs, which does not require serious technical knowledge. Open the program and you are on the air
Electronic music (our main direction) + other genres: jazz, blues, country, rock, pop, R'n'B, classical…. The criterion is only the depth and versatility of the composition
Not a thoughtless switching of tracks that the majority should "enter", but acquaintance of the audience with real creativity - deep, unbiased, beautiful, carrying true values and a thirst for creation
Full content management: you decide what to say, come up with titles and jingles. Find a response from radio listeners, create your regular audience of connoisseurs of your talent, who feel music the way you
The ability to broadcast in a team: invite those with whom you have something to talk about; those who want to listen to; those for whom music is not just sound. And together (dawn (s) reap - for yourself) the moods and feelings of those who are on the other side of the radio, but want to be closer

How will we work
We went underground and don't depend on advertisers.
The main thing for Troll Family is broadcast quality, talent and music, not money.
Our airwaves will fill up gradually, as talented people arrive.
We begin to cooperate with six months, during which we will provide you with 6 hours of airtime - one hour per month. After six months of work, we will decide whether to extend or part.
If we continue to work together, then in another six months we will increase your broadcast time, depending on the rating of the program.
You can refuse to cooperate with the radio at any time. Just let us know a month before your next broadcast.

From you
Come up with the name of the program, the slogan, jingles and skips. All this is coordinated with the editorial board of the radio, this is a prerequisite for cooperation.
You can record jingles and beats on your own, or order from professional guys (we will give contacts).
We only advertise Radio. You advertise your program yourself.

From U.S
We provide each musician who comes to our family a page on the radio site. Make it out, write about yourself, post photos and links to your Internet resources. Make a preview of your broadcast with output to the radio calendar.

Fits? Then tell us about yourself and your passion for music:
Year of birth
Place of residence
How many years have you been fond of music
Describe your music collection:
carriers -
number of songs -
what year did you start collecting your music library -
Favorite music styles:
basic -
minor -
tertiary -
Why do you like these styles?
How do you think these styles are different from others?
Send 5 compositions that reflect your inner world and are in tune with your soul. Give each composition a definition: joy, sadness, love, anger, present (what reflects your current state).

Send by mail answers to questions in one archive with music. Do not forget to leave your phone number and mail for communication.

* Note: for idols (pseudo stars)
Friends, listeners will appreciate your creativity, the spirit that your music carries, harmony in sets, communication style and sincerity. They are not interested in knowing how many times and with what cool star you performed on the same stage.
Don't talk about it on air.
If you want to know the truth about yourself, just work honestly.
Good luck!
PS Any manifestations of star fever will be treated by disconnecting from the radio wave.

TF6 Radio invites to cooperation:
Promo teams
Music studios
Club promoters
And everyone who organizes musical events that fit the concept of our radio.
We give you the opportunity to host your event live - TF6 Radio. Share your mood with everyone who is interested, but who could not join you.


We invite the editor-in-chief for cooperation, as well as simply talented people writing about music, and not only, for blogging on our website.
We will be glad to everyone who wishes to join our family!
Tell your friends and acquaintances - ABOUT US!
Mail: tf6.radio@mail.ru

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