Monolinkis a stage nameSteffen Link, German Liveact musician, singer, songwriter and producerelectronic dance musicwho specializes in genresambient , techno , electronicsandhouse.

Musical career

Member of the Berlinelectronicstage, Monolink quickly broke away from the classic DJ set and instead created his own style, combining live vocals and instruments. Weeklydescribes him as a provider of "trippy relaxation with a slightly husky Teutonic voice".Monolink has collaborated with other electronic artists includingPauli acid . 

Monolink released their debut album Amnioticin2018. The record combines songwriting tradition withelectronic dance music, where genres of techno, electronica and ambient mix with influencesLeonard CohenandBob Dylan . Two singles from this release, "Sirens" and "Swallow", reached number one on iTunes Electronic (Germany). Review inEDM Identitydescribes songs from the album as consisting of "hypnotic beats and vocals" and as "a mixture of deep and happy melodic sounds"

Steffen Link claims that his musical freedom allowed him to create a completely new style. In this direction, he discovered the ability to express his feelings in words after meeting Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones, and believes that he should develop further in the folkmusic. When he attends the Fusion Festival after moving to Berlin, he encounterselectronic musicand he manages to get into a completely different world.

Monolink stated in an interview that he first thought of music as following lyrics and rhythm. However, he claims that his exposure to the styles of electronic, techno and house music has changed the way he thinks about how to listen to music. Steffen has not only evolved into a different style in this regard; he also managed to significantly change his view of music.

He manages to combine the style he acquired earlier and the idea that the music is one with the body in the final stage, accepting that electro and techno music is what activates the body, not the music. Thus, he develops a special musical style and achieves success that other singers do not have.

Despite admitting that he was influenced by great artists, Monolink realized that he could not contribute to music by copying them or trying to imitate them. This explains why Monolink strived to be unique when developing their musical style. Explaining his musical understanding, a famous DJ states that he does not like to play pre-prepared music like a regular DJ. Thanks to his unique musical understanding, he was able to stand out from other DJs.

While being different in the music world is often seen as an advantage, it should be noted that difficulties can also arise. Because the expectation that people will keep up with the new style can be disastrous. In this context, Monolink started making music by mixing his old and new styles and released singles without hesitation.

Monolink released numerous singles between 2014 and 2018. However, his debut album was not released until 2018. While this could be due to a number of factors, the most likely explanation is a desire to create a specific audience. Monolink's debut album "Amniotic" was even more serious. Steffen stepped up his efforts within this framework. Now it is a name that regularly releases songs and albums.

Music Monolink

Monolink, who started his musical career in 2014, managed to fit a lot of work into his life in a short period of 8 years. Considered to be a very strong name in this regard, Monolink has 15 works completed up to 2022. We can list the works of Monolink who manage to make their followers happy by making almost 2 works every year.

  • The End (Acid Pauli ile) (2015)
  • Sirens (2017)
  • Swallow (2018)
  • Father Ocean (2018)
  • Change My Mind (2019)
  • Black Hole (Ben Behmer Ile) (2019)
  • The Sinner (2020)


  • The Other Side (2020)
  • Extraction (2021)
  • Harlem River/Fall (2021)
  • Turned Away (2021)
  • Don't Hold Back (2021)
  • Out of Control (NTO ile) (2021)

Are you ready to discover the unique tones of electronic, techno and house styles with Monolink, which has captivated many music lovers with its special style and approach to music?

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