Eydis Evensen live performance recorded exclusively for KEXP

Eydis Evensen live performance recorded exclusively for KEXP

Songs: Dagdraumur Wandering I Fyrir Mikael Midnight Moon (ft. GDRN) Brotin The Northern Sky Session recorded at Hljóðriti Studios, Hafnafjörður, Iceland Directed by Einar Egils Cinematography by Einar Egils and Ívar Ívarsson Recording engineered by Guðmundur Kristinn Jónsson, with Friðjón Jónsson Piano - Eydís Evensen Vocals - GDRN Violin - Viktor Orri Árnason Violin - Vera Panitch Viola - Guðbjartur Hákonarson Cello - Hrafnhildur Marta Guðmundsdóttir

Eidis Evensen also released the single and video "Midnight Moon"

Icelandic pianist and composer Eidis Evensen released her debut album “BYLUR ”... The disc was released on April 23 via the label XXIM Records. The announcement is accompanied by the melodic single "Midnight Moon"with the participationGDRN,as well as a music video linkinglyrics and dance.

Album “BYLUR ”whose nametranslated from Icelandicas a "blizzard", will combine Eidis's classical piano education with a more modern approach to composition.It will include 13 compositions written by Evensen throughout his life. In addition to the piano, the arrangements will be colored in the intonation of strings, winds and electronics.

The composition "Midnight Moon" is the only one on the disc where there is a vocal part. At the start, it sounds like an Icelandic lullaby written for a string quartet. Pianos, voice, and digital textures that enter along the way give the song power and sublimity at the same time.

Eydis draws inspiration from emotional and creative freedom. As the singer added, “Music has always been my way of expressing myself. Even when it was dark outside in Iceland for several weeks, I could compose any space - light or dark, variegated or dim.

And of course we cannot fail to mention the new album "Bylur"

The Icelandic pianist and composer has released her debut album Bylur, which literally translates as "blizzard". There is chaos and adversity in it, but at the same time beauty and fragility. The same can be said for Evensen's emotionally eclectic album, a mesmerizing stream of exhilarating piano melodies and gentle strings inspired by the forces of nature. The album consists of 13 pieces, one of which - Midnight Moon - was recorded with the participation of the GDRN singer. The sound is focused around the piano with the accompaniment of strings, horns and a subtle trail of electronics. The album was produced by the well-known composer Valgeir Sigurðsson.

“All works are fragments of my life. Ups and downs, joy, darkness, happiness, sorrow and melancholy. I am incredibly moved by the magical experience of the birth of this album with music that spans over 20 years of my life. I can only say that my heart is bursting with gratitude and excitement. Thanks to everyone who was part of this wild journey, ”says the Icelandic pianist.

Eydís Evensen is an Icelandic pianist, composer and model, a graduate of the famous Hamrahlid College in Reykjavik and a member of the choir in which Björk and some of the musicians of the Sigur Rós sang. The girl began to study music at the age of five, and wrote her first works at seven. In her work, she is inspired by the nature of her native country, the fate of people, impressions from numerous trips around the world and music, in which one can feel emotion behind the notes. Her works are a bewitching stream of exciting piano melodies, wind and gentle strings with a barely noticeable trail of electro

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