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Roman Melmont / Show Massaraksh 18.02.2022


Recording the Airwaves 18/02/2022/20:00/MSK
Roman MelmonT - Presents
Author's Show - Massaraksh!
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Every third Friday of the month at 20:00 - 21:20 Author's show Massaraksh with Roman Melmont
Greetings friends, I want to introduce you to our new show - Massaraksh. It will be devoted to psychedelic music and all its directions. The word Massaraksh is translated as - the world inside out, it is borrowed from the Strugatsky brothers' novel "Inhabited Island".
Initially, we planned the title in the original, but the theme of the show, its mood made us change our minds.
The reason is that Massaraksh is a curse and our show will be dedicated to the sore: the degradation of a person, an inverted understanding of the truth, hypocrisy, the lack of the concept of honesty, decency and everything that we all lack so much. About fatigue and betrayal of friends and relatives. One can list for a long time all the human passions that have multiplied and taken root in modern society, crowding out sanity and truth from our lives. Psychedelic music is great for this. In each show, we will pull from our archives music releases that have been released over the past 25 years. And guided by the austerity of the architecture of the psychedelic journey! We will try to break the assemblage point of people who have turned the truth inside out.
"The time will come when people will be mad, and whoever is not mad will be told: you are mad because you are not like us."
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