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Musical Essay by Polaris - Behind a Closed Door (Hospital Records)
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While Toronto has long been known for the tougher side of drum and bass music, the Romanian-born, classically educated Polaris highlights a very different sound. At the same time, melancholy and hopeful, exultant and wistful, he has created a musical identity that elevates drum and bass on a cinematic scale. After rising through the ranks of the Toronto DnB scene, he entered the global stage in 2016. His fruitful creative partnership with a Toronto friend, Schematic, resulted in the release of "NBD" on Inner City Dance and "Please Don't" and "Bring the Heat" on Technique Recordings, who also released a collaboration with Stranjah, Aquarius. Hospital Records also played a major role, featuring two Polaris tracks on their Future Sound of Canada EP, a goosebump-inducing storm with Schematic, "Conduit" and his Top 10 signature track "The Light In Your Eyes". Hospital tracks 2016. At the end of the year, Med School included his "Found You" on their New Blood 2016 LP. He will rejoin "Schematic" on the Technique "Summer 2017" LP with "So Long", as well as a couple of tracks from 2018, "City Life" on Inner City Dance, and "Sculpture" on Hospital's "Sick Music 2018" LP . The label also released the majestic Polaris tune "Blue Sky Thinking" on the "Hospitality in the Park 2018" LP, as well as two tunes for their Forza Horizon video game soundtrack, "Lessons Learned" and "Empire". Now hard at work on a solo EP, fans of luscious, exhilarating drum and bass have a lot to look forward to next year and beyond.
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