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Musical essay by Maximiliam Stein (Switzerland)
Dark Deep Down Build / Key - Underground Soul Gallery!
on TF6 Radio Station!
Hi! My name is Maximiliam Stein, I'm 47 years old, I'm from Switzerland!
He began his journey in the world of music 25 years ago. Mixed hip-hop on vinyl. Creativity is very important in my life!
I love Pitch Down like real Pitching.
About 25 to 35%. That's why my style is different. That's why I call it Dark Deep Down.
Sometimes a passion is dormant in a person, which he has been imbued with for decades, but the living conditions do not leave room for creativity.
When Corona appeared in the world, I took this circumstance as an opportunity and finally I can live, fulfill my desires, do art - mix music and create the reality that I believe in and love! You can feel the joy and intensity in my music mixes that stay that way for a long time. What gives me the opportunity to create my own unique sound… Very bright and exciting.
If we talk about my successes and achievements! I've had 250,000 plays on my soundcloud in the last 11 months. Whether that's a lot or not is up to you to decide!
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