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Music Essay by Hideo Kobayashi - Sketches of Silence (Japan)
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Hideo Kobayashi is one of Japan's most prolific electronic music producers, adept at creating contemporary deep house as well as stunning techno. Besides being a great solo talent, Hideo works his magic with house legend Jerome Sydenham as Nagano Kitchen and counts influencers like François C among his fans. Back in the late 80s, Hideo was in Tokyo discovering the exciting world of clubs and dance music. Now he is a permanent headliner himself, performing at all the best venues in Asia and Europe, such as Moxa in Italy, Egg in London, the famous stadium in Jakarta, 360 in Dubai and various clubs in Seoul.
Hideo released his debut album Zero in 2009 through Apt. International, and a year later - his second album a Drama, which featured Lisa Shaw, Ramus Faber, Tomomi Ukumori. Hideo's recordings regularly find their way into the prestigious DJ bags of the likes of X-Press 2, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier and many more. Labels such as Ministry of Sound, Defected, King Street, Renaissance, Ibadan and Hed Kandi released his unique club merchandise. In addition to continuing to release hits in both EP and LP format, Hideo has also started his own podcast show, Hidden Radio, available on iTunes Podcast and Spotify.
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