Show Speak Music Automaticrobotmixer - God Not A…Dj (GODNOTA)

Roman Melmont / Show Speak with music 31.07.2022

Live recording 07/31/2022 / 17:00 - 20:00 / Moscow time
Roman MelmonT - Represents!
Author's Show - Speak with Music!
Live on Sunday!
Musical essay by Automaticrobotmixer (TF, CCCP Crew)
Assembling Electronica / Key - God Not A…Dj ( G.O.D.N.O.T.A )
This Mix will feature an unreleased track from Max Rybin - ID!
on TF6 Radio Station!
Konstantin Orlov! (Automaticrobotmixer) Started performing as a DJ in 1994 and is rightfully considered one of the founders of the club movement in Izhevsk, as well as one of the most respected and "oldest" DJs in the city. In 1997, at the battle of DJs, he won the title of the best professional DJ in Izhevsk in two categories at once: “mixing technique” and “the most beautiful mix”. He plays mainly dance music on CD and vinyl, although some tracks with an experimental sound can be heard in his sets.
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