Savvas Amorgianos (19 Degrees) / dj/musician/producer

Savvas Amorgianos (19 Degrees) Show

19 Degrees is a music producer and DJ with releases in Spain, North Macedonia and Greece.
He currently hosts a radio show in the US, the Netherlands, and a weekly radio show in Germany. These shows are uploaded to MIXCLOUD. Has an army of fans on five continents!
19 Degrees also performed at many concert venues in Greece.
His favorite styles are Deep house, Progressive House and Techno.
19 Degrees' musical journey began after graduating from UKC with a degree in electronics engineering. His interest in sound led to a master's degree in music information technology from City University London. The desire to create and produce music led him to study piano improvisation, musical composition techniques, live sequencing and audio mixing techniques. Since 2016, 19 Degrees owns the professional sound studio MIXANDAUDIO and offers sound engineering services, including Ghost Writing, remixing and mixing.
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