Artur Freak / dj/promoter/musician

I roll people (dance floor) on trips.
Early career 2000 I work under the names
Great collection of music...
With the release of the Contemplation of Truth set , I change my main style from Psychedelic trance to Drum and bass;

The degradation that occurs in psychedelic is frustrating - there are only a few talented musicians who bring themselves, their talent, spiritual inner world into their work. The bulk of pseudo musicians are engaged in complete plagiarism. Stealing - architecture, building tracks, arrangements, effects. Everything that we are listening to now is done by the hands of talented musicians of the past - the main Wave 2001-2008. Psychedelic has become dead - life ("the living soul of this style") is absent in it. Acid and overdoses - plus a lack of restraint in drug use, negated this style. What was supposed to lead to enlightenment, self-improvement, self-knowledge, turned into a collapse of consciousness - for the immature, insatiable young generation, which lives in narcotic invented illusions that have nothing to do with reality.
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